The Youthful and Ageless ™ Next Generational Digital Marketing Media Platform

Every once in a while a new concept comes along and because it’s so new it’s difficult to grasp at first. Where we may not have initially understood such odd-sounding concepts as Google and the iPhone, those revolutionary concepts are now very much part of the mainstream and used by billions around the globe.

In our “Chaos Economy” where your brand identity is beyond your control, every organizational function must evolve. You must reconsider your strategic relationships across every function of your business…from your perceptions of the role of marketing, to how sales teams (or more precisely digital media marketing tools) go to market to positioning and creating sales without branding at first. (Branding will be referred to later on) Strategy visualization and strategic relationships are fundamental to your co-creation success. The world of marketing has changed quite dramatically. Co-creation and partnerships have become a MUST.

Consumers are no longer interested in brands in this revolutionary health conscious but also anti-aging movement.  They are interested in quality, longevity, as an overall health consciousness penetrated the market by Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and even Millennials pouring over 500 Billion dollars into the Anti-Aging Industry. Too many companies, too many names and too many choices, all of them are being fantastic but lacking education and the consumer does not understand the benefits you are offering. This is a new movement, a new discovery, and a new, and recession resistant field that interests everyone. How do you position yourself?

Co-creation is about creating market gravity that pulls customers towards your company. Co-creation fosters influence that leads others to engage in actions and attitudes that lift your business and its offerings. It changes your position from keeping up with market changes to leading innovation. Co-creation means there is strength when certain logistically correct information is grouped together, which also happens to be the tendency of the future in a digital world. Sooner or later you must embrace the fact that consumer convenience always comes first.

Co-creation requires you to look at the world differently, through a lens of shared interests rather than your interests alone. This is not a natural perspective for executives used to fierce competition. Only when you step back will you be able to understand how to literally join forces with others to build something better, stronger, and more resilient. Fresh thinking, unique perspectives, and practical, pragmatic insights are required in order to think, lead and evolve differently within your own team and with the growth of your company. After all, shouldn’t contextual vision and exceptional intelligence be the primary developmental opportunity of your leadership in the next decade?

Out with the old and in with the new is our philosophy at Youthful and Ageless™! Think NEW! Only when you listen louder will you be able to detect steps critical to the evolution of your unique value. You must understand true evolution and separate it from market noise.

Companies that consistently create exceptional customer experiences set themselves apart from their competitive peers precisely through co-creation. As the need on the market place has changed dramatically, so must your company follow in structure and convergence.  This reverse perspective is critical if you’re to truly understand how customers think, what motivates them, why they buy, how they’ll apply their perceived value received, and why they constantly return to evaluate.

President of Atlantic Publicity, Adrienne Papp is a celebrity Hollywood-based journalist, publicist, economist, MBA and marketing executive who frequently writes about crème de la crème Hollywood events. What does that have to do with the evolution of your business? What’s important for you to understand is that in any evolution – of an individual, a team or an organization – certain ingredients are critical: passion, new structures, purposeful and provocative leadership new way of thinking that propels you to offer a structured, consumer convenient strategic and never-before NEW platform that offers a comprehensive understanding of the “ageless movement” by combining all players that have created the movement in response to the demand. Hollywood has been always the first in creating films or even commercials that are provocative, fresh, different, and futuristic.  In a technology age why would any company want to depend on outmoded, firmly dress-coded “office-suit” based rigid and tight marketing principals from an old school book, when in fact a mindset of a balanced approach, embracing the fear of failing to learn and grow in the process of nurturing a relationship-centric culture is in order.  Your approach to the market in this environment will decide if you are indeed capable of nurturing a more modern and demand-based approach, or if you are serving the consumer as opposed to them serving your interest.

In a technology driven world, a fast paced lifestyle where the attention spam of consumers are 8 seconds, you pretty much need to gain their attention with the first few words that can be said within 8 seconds. This will enable you to make strategic decisions with more agility and nimbleness to create revenue while you still try to brand your product / service / procedure /anti-aging technology.  Although these days branding means nothing more than giving a name to your products and services, which will enable the consumer to buy what they are presented with and chose what serves them best, you are pretty much selling with our revolutionary program instead of “waiting” or being “stagnant” for 17 or so years, which is the statistical average for the consumer to register in their mind any message, name or title whatsoever. This is not to say that you cannot have a fan base. You can, but that will never satisfy the financial need of a growing company that makes health conscious, longevity rooted, natural, organic and even anti-aging products, services or provide procedures.

Who would not want to be Youthful and Ageless? And how difficult it is to remember these two words especially when the consumer hears it from various, CREDIBLE media channels that have approved the concept! A concept that is the sum total of co-creation! Your product or service might not pass the test, but the concept of Youthful and Ageless does. This is the point where you might start thinking “ I rather walk the walk with others than talk the talk alone. “ This is not to say that you lose your own identity.  In fact you strengthen it and the bullet point presentation below will allow you to understand why.