In today’s digital marketing world there is no reason for you to struggle, which is always the first sentence I hear from any start up company. Wrong! You do not need to struggle; you just need to get smart. You do not need to compete with multi-million dollar companies’ ability to spent millions on marketing.  Instead, get a head start by engagement, key performance, anticipation and respond to the evolutionary performance that today’s market requires.

Take a look at the ever-increasing customer expectations and how you respond to that as a small company with limited resources, but unlimited potential. Allow that potential to open up and focus more on how you can improve the product you already have as opposed to labor over marketing and running the risk that is a very real number: 95% of all businesses fail due to the lack of the necessary ability to provide what consumers want, how they like it, how they remember it, how they want to learn about it, the quantum steps that are as fast as 8 seconds, and the convenience that you MUST at this junction provide.  While the digital technology age is disrupting to certain organizations, it also at the same time give them unique tools to respond to that disruption. A cognitive approach as opposed to a rigid text book one, or doing only social media, which all by itself is dangerous indeed, is part of the next major revolution: the recognition that the ONLY aspect of any human life that any of us can really control is truly ONLY a) what you put into your body, b) what you put onto your body, c) and most importantly HOW YOU THINK! The willingness of the unimaginable into existence is not coming; it has arrived, which is the understanding of the very powerful cognitive aspect of our lives, without which the next step in our evolutionary progress would be impossible.

Making a few quick sales here and there whether through social media or conferences has a shelf life! When it is over, it is over.

So, how do you make a persistent and coherent presence on the market place? Join our next generational revolutionary platform, which is the sum result of 3 years of hard work and millions of dollars, and let us create a name and even a legacy for you for life!  Without the human story element selling anything that is perceived to be “new” is almost impossible. Being on the platform is simple, it is easy, it is reaching AT LEAST 250 million target demographics just by our simple messaging, and broadcasted by just one of our high-profile media outlets alone. Adding to it comes the combined demographics thus arriving to nearly half a billion pre-qualified demographics over time.  This Next Generational Digital Marketing Media Platform is super consumer convenient, which is one of the utmost importances even for Google. The platform also includes academia, which in the case of any health conscious, organic, non-GMO, natural and even anti-aging property driven service / technology / product is a crucial addition.  This is when you explain the big WHY! Why to buy what you have to offer! The aspect of Academia included on the platform will gain another 300 million pairs of eyes alone according to statistics.

Please see the bullet points that summarize everything we have talked about above about effective marketing in our digital world.

The essence of The Youthful and Ageless ™ Next Generational Digital Marketing Media Platform:

One can spend $ 200,000  +…  (Even millions) and still get nothing because the exposure is

  • Not constant, it comes and goes therefore leaves the consumer’s mind, this is true even when spending millions is possible.
  • The product is not explained well enough due to lack of time, therefore is not understood by the consumer.
  • The message is not simple and consistent….you need to repeat the exact same and memorable message at all times over and over again
  • Consumers cannot remember names and titles even if you spend millions on branding. I will attach a 10 sec video tape from a show host who is on TV EVERY DAY and states that EVEN WHEN YOU ARE ON TV EVERY DAY it is hard for people to lock in on who you are and what your message is UNLESS it is the exact same at all times.

The six major additional facts about the Youthful and Ageless Next Generational Digital Marketing Media Platform is that 

  1. It is consumer convenient. Consumers do not need to search the Net only to get lost, finding conflicting information just about anything, which then results in giving up the search out of frustration. Let alone the fact that they do not even know what to search on unless you have been branded for about 17 yrs.
  2. We are endorsed by Academia, Celebrities and companies with an Honorable Cause, and a Responsible and Ethical approach.
  3. We pre-qualify the consumer for you by definition of the words we use to evoke their attention.  We use every day simple words therefore memorable, but we also filter out thru these simple and memorable messages the health conscious buyers. We reach within a year half a billion laser sharp-targeted demographics.  Therefore, every penny spent brings results consistently and on an ongoing base. So while you have publicity for LIFE with us, you also have branding while selling! .
  4. On top of the fact that your exposure is constant any additional information about any event or further studies or anything that relates to your company / products/ services/ technology will be constantly published by us for free of charge because you are coming in on a sponsored package. Meaning, Atlantic Publicity bears the expenses. That is why it is a special offer.
  5. We present you as one of  “America’s Most Promising Companies” because if you are reading this summary you are.
  6. The Opportunity: The ongoing umbrella campaign, “America’s Most Promising Companies” represents a sponsorship opportunity for up and coming products that can be indexed under the Youthful and Ageless umbrella platform. There are original content opportunities for your company to tell its story as well as ongoing promotional vehicles that promote the Youthful and Ageless platform specifically.

Source: Atlantic Publicity, Adrienne Papp, NourGroup, Spotlight News Magazine

A Brief, but Comprehensive Summary of the Platform of Youthful and AgelessTM

Through This Platform You Are Being Exposed to Over 400 Millions of Your Specific, and Laser Sharp Targeted Demographics, which Consist of Only Those That Can Buy What They See. But Only if You Make Sure that They See You and Hear You CONSTANTLY. SEO does not filter demographics; do not waste your money!

Youthful and AgelessTM is a platform that connects anti-aging and health conscious products and services with Academic and Holistic research (if you have such, we can publicize it as per your request, and as many times as you wish.) The platform also connects Celebrities advocating a happier, healthier, youthful lifestyle. And, in some cases companies with An Honorable Cause, which today are many.

Not only the above mentioned topics are logistically related, but by bringing them together it creates a large affluent audience with disposable income: as the pair of eyes looking at you now adds up together. So, companies, like yours, no longer need to spend money on SEO because that does not filter the demographics.

We do! By definition of our name: Youthful and AgelessTM, -also known as, – simple every day words, and when constantly heard it is remembered. It is even remembered if it is in front of the health conscious buyers ONLY once: “happier, healthier, youthful“ again, because these are two simple words. But, on top, it will be broadcasted 400 times a year on CNN and on some of the larger than life TV networks and airlines.

For the entire program we use common and every day words and constantly and consistently repeating a simple and short message, which produces the following:Constant exposure, which was NOT possible in advertising before. Repeated publicity to a high profile audience on high-end TV networks is not affordable.

  1. Constant exposure, which was NOT possible in advertising before. Repeated publicity to a high profile audience on high-end TV networks is not affordable.
  2. An expression that people remember. We already rank high ORGANICALLY precisely because we are content rich, which is what Google looking for. We rank even for everyday words and nothing was done to achieve that. See SOME of the Google results hyperlinked. Those unusual and sometimes strange words used for products and services are simply not remembered. Not even doctor’s names are, unless they are advertised and publicized CONSTANTLY.

    Just as a random example: “Prevagen” started advertising and finally after a year or so they added to their commercial “ Prevagen, a Name to remember,” which of course is not solving anything. People do not know how to even spell it…and the entire campaign is about improving memory.

    Youthful and AgelessTM also is consumer friendly and consumer oriented as it combines various information that BELONGS TOGETHER, which also creates a vast number of audience because it is convenient to the consumer. We have to do what (and how) the consumer wants and needs, not what we “think” is a good way to present, hence comes our comprehensive collection of information. Adding to it comes our CNN editorial, which all by itself reaches over 250 million well to do demographics per year.

  3. The platform is inexpensive and thus affordable for new, novelty products by small or even large companies that are seeking to find their customer base of those that afford to buy what they are looking for but cannot find today.
  4. We allow, – and actually make sure that the companies participating, – explain their products/services otherwise the consumer does not understand WHY to buy. There are millions of products out there. Captivating your clients / consumers attention is therefore key. We call you: America’s Most Promising Companies!
  5. The anti-aging movement is about 5 years old. Health related discoveries are just coming out. No company out of thousands of hundreds has the opportunity to explain and educate about their products/services even if they take a 30 second commercial for years. There is not enough time within 30 sec. to go into details. The purpose of the 30 sec. editorial is to pull in viewers and then we rebroadcast the 30 sec. editorial. We obtained the rebroadcast rights.. Steve Jobs was right at the time when computers were not even understood. He said: “ to me marketing is very personal because there is no company of any kind that gets more than 1 minute attention.”
  6. Trust: Trust is why we actually educate about your products/ services on ongoing bases as an article and various interviews. The high-end Networks and Airlines give you credibility. Without trust the consumer has too many choices and not knowing enough about you they get lost on the Net, get frustrated, land with the wrong site, it then becomes too confusing and most often the information is false, so they give up the search. A third party however, like ours being unbiased, is trusted.
  7. You have your own unique story. Once you tell it people will remember you. Even children are taught by association to a story! Maybe you had an event in your life that made your approach to business as unique as it is today. We tell your story and create awareness! We also syndicate that to half a billion people over time. You are still branding yourself, but you are selling at the same time. And from your sales dollars, you can choose to do anything you want.

And, the best part: you still be public with your own website and your products and services, but we make sure that you are being found on the Net. It is an extra layer of publicity. We also create a general awareness non-stop! This is publicity for life.

But, most importantly: we interviewed a number of clients/consumers and we listened! Consumer convenience is the number one priority. They truly wish for one thing: “can I see all this on ONE website? Can I trust and understand the product/service benefits?” And, our answer is Yes, you can! And the best part: We also sponsor you once qualified.