What is Logistics that Governs the Internet and All Companies and Their Success?

Regardless of who you are, or how much success you think you have achieved, if you do not keep up with the trends of time, you will lose your position. Atlantic Publicity did not do anything different from any other publicity services before, except put everything into a structrure that is compatible with the Ingternet revolution. We also have oevrecome the problems in any kind of advertising, marketing, promotions or publicity:
  1. We have achieved repeated and NON-STOP expsore for less costs 
  2. Remembering specific names are no longer neccessasy.
  3. We are the only company in the world who is putting together what logistically possible and moves with the ever chnaging technology of the Internet .
  4. We add your human element true journalistic story, which allows you to distinguish your unique position by story telling, your passion, drive and contribution to society. Even children are taught by association to a story. Your products / services / technology can be explained in this very new environment of the youthful and ageless movement precisely to the people that are the very demographics you need, your target buyers, except there is no education on the subject matter precisely because the movement is relatively new. Yet, your demographics are the older generation that did not grow up with the knowledge, the technology and the food choices we have today. Better yet, new technology of all kinds are coming out technically every day, yet the very people that NEED the information have no idea it even exists. They could not even search on you on the Internet because they do not know your name, your company’s name, your mission as to WHY your inventive ideas made into products / services / technology help the Baby Boomers, The Generation Xers and even Millenials that are pouring over 500 Billion Dollars in Growth alone into the collectively called  Anti-Aging Industry. After all a happier, healthier and youthful lifestyle is the very definition of anything “Anti-Aging”

not explained well enough therefore is not  understood by the consumer; c) the message is not simple and consistent d) consumers cannot remember names even if you spend millions on branding. With us it is branding while selling.!!!!  Your exposure is constant and for life through our digital marketing.